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Mothers and Daughters

ColleenOGrady-green-shirtI did an interview recently with Colleen O'GradyColleen has over 20 years experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is also a mom in the trenches with her own teenage daughter. In order to help other parents, Colleen created the Power Your Parenting program, blog and book: a guide to help parents foster healthy relationships with their teens.


Being a mother of a teenage daughter can be difficult. Colleen and I work with teenagers professionally. On the other hand, many parents are confronting, for the first time, issues we see every day. Which is why it takes a village. Those of us who work with adolescents have a lot to offer parents.


Our conversation focuses on the pervasive issue of sexting. The behavior starts earlier than most parents want to believe, and it involves many more kids than most people imagine. If you're the parent of a teenager, you'll want to listen to the podcast: Could Your Teenager be Sexting?


collen_podcast300x300_12sepThe issues we discuss in the podcast can be explored more fully in my article Sexting at School and in Colleen's work. If you need help building honest and open communication with your teen go to poweryourparenting.com and sign up for Colleen's free ebook, 7 Ways to Help Your Relationship with Your Teenage Daughter (and Yourself).

Source: http://www.benjamindancer.com/Blog/2014/07/26/mothers-daughters